Real-time vehicle location, journey & driving insights and high-speed in-car WiFi hotspot at the touch of a button.

Smarter driving for greater control and convenience

Always stay connected and protected whether on the move with family, friends, in search of an adventure, or simply wanting to track your car’s performance.

Plug in with iQ.CAR, download the app and you’re connected.

Explore iQ.CAR features:


Keeping you and your passengers entertained on the move. Ideal for downloading films, streaming playlists or turning your vehicle into a mobile office.

  • Transform your car into a high-speed in-car WiFi hotspot.

  • Connect five different devices at once.

How to Set Up iq Car
  • Vehicle Health

    The thought of being stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere is a nightmare none of us wants. The iQ.CAR device makes those worries a thing of the past, helping you recognise the warning signs.

    • Don’t let minor issues escalate into expensive ones.

    • Stay on top of any potential problems related to your vehicle’s engine, electronics or transmission.

    • Access a simple fault code description so you can get accurate and competitive repair quotes.

    Vehicle Health iphone
  • Family Mode

    Have peace of mind and stay connected with your loved ones with the creation of your own “Family Social Network”.

    • View vehicle location, health and driving score.

    • Share real-time location and key information about connected vehicles.

    Family Mode iphone
  • Driver Behaviour

    Achieve greater safety at the wheel by assessing and improving how you drive.

    • Improve your driving performance and streamline fuel efficiency as iQ.CAR assesses driving speed, acceleration, braking and cornering.

    • Family members can see who amongst them is the safest driver by achieving the best driving score.

    Driver Behaviour iphone
  • Vehicle Location

    When your mind goes blank and you can’t remember where you parked, the iQ.CAR device can help you locate it.

    • Shows your vehicle on the map to help you find it.

    • View real-time vehicle location of your other iQ.CAR connected cars.

    Vehicle Location iphone
  • Dashboard

    iQ.CAR dashboard provides an overview of key vehicle and journey information from which you can drill down to view detailed information; be it vehicle health or journey statistics

    • Displays the location of your vehicle and other family cars on a map.

    • Protect/Unprotect your vehicle from the dashboard to receive notifications if your vehicle is moved from its location.

    • Expand the vehicle dashboard to view comprehensive information about your journey including distance travelled, efficiency and fuel consumption.

    Dashboard iphone
  • Geofence

    The iQ.CAR device provides added security with geofence notifications; helping you keep an eye on your car and knowing your loved ones are safe.

    • Alerts if your car leaves its parked location.

    • Alerts when your car arrives at, or leaves a location.

    Geofence iphone
  • Journey Information

    Accurately track the details of every journey and see at a glance your journey plotted on a map with key driving events that have occurred.

    • Summarises the total distance travelled, duration, average consumption and total fuel used.

    • Categorise journeys as personal or business for expense reporting.

    • Provides journey statistics such as start and stop locations as well as details about hard braking, hard acceleration and hard cornering for a specific journey.

    Journey Information iphone

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iQ.CAR Plan

Turn your car into a WiFi hotspot and make your driving experience memorable and entertaining

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  • Hi-Speed WiFi

  • Connect up to 5 devices

  • 4GB data package


  • Real-time vehicle location

  • Vehicle health diagnostics

  • Driving behaviour dashboard

  • Journey reporting

  • Business journey reporting

  • Geofence notifications


For 1 year subscription*

*Renews to £99.00 per year

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How to Set Up iq Car